Finca Sa Màniga

Majorca’s gastronomy

Like its wines and liqueurs, Majorca’s gastronomy ranks amongst the finest in the Mediterranean. Staple ingredients include fish and shellfish, vegetables, pulses, pork, lamb, spices and the essential locally-produced olive oil.

Its best-known dishes include frit mallorquí (meat and vegetable stir-fry); tumbet (roasted vegetables); sopes mallorquines (vegetable casseroles); stuffed aubergines; porcella rostida (roast suckling pig); or escaldums (free range chicken casserole); and of course the classic pa amb oli (bread with olive oil) and cured meats such as sobrasada or botifarron sausages. Traditional savoury pastries that can be enjoyed in this region include the panades or cocarrois (meat and vegetable pasties) and coca de verdura (vegetable-topped pizzas). Nor must we forget the delicious range of sweets and desserts, the most famous of which is undoubtedly the ensaïmada pastry.